This website provides details of campus based training, on line training and distance learning external programmes provided by INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED PROJECT MANAGEMENT in the United Kingdom and South Africa, and open to students worldwide.
These programmes lead to overseas Professional /degree awards made by several pubic and private Universities whose status is explained below.

INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED PROJECT MANAGEMENT provides academic, professional and administrative services that support learners both in the United Kingdom, South Africa and worldwide for candidates who desire to obtain an overseas professional certification / degree award through campus based, independent, mentored distance study via the Internet (on line) and assessment of their prior educational achievements. The Institute does not maintain a campus or offer traditional classes in the UK and South Africa . The vision of education is one of tailored solutions for discerning high achievers who prefer the efficiency and freedom from bureaucracy that a programme validated by a private University can offer, rather than the mass market product available elsewhere. This independent outlook leads to the placement of the learner at the heart of their own educational process, participating in uniquely flexible programmes that are capable of considerable individual customization.

International institute of chartered project management is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) with Provider Reference Number 10063798. and also registered in South Africa.
Therefore, South Africa Corporate office control all operations in Africa, Middle East, Far East, Australia, and South America.

However, registration with the UKRLP under (European and American education) does serve as an official confirmation that the education provider’s existence and details have been verified by a UK government agency.

International institute of chartered project management is a private South Africa education provider that prepares and supports students studying for professional programs / awards made by overseas universities. The President of the Institute, Professor Joseph Olusola Aina, an educationalist who serves as Chancellor of Kingson management and health institute, Ghana, Vice chancellor, Vine yard industrial Institute, Ghana, as well as being a Full Professor of Business, European American university, and western orthodox university, and associate Professor of management studies at Graduate School of Management. UK

The Institute is associated with a group of overseas professional acclaimed Universities,polytechnics , institutions, Health Colleges, consulting organizations and public institutions that work in collaboration to offer academic and professional programmes of study and assessment to students internationally who are seeking a flexible and economical opportunity to earn a degree mostly in the rural, sub urban areas as education providers for the rural populace across the globe.
. The majority of its associated Universities and institutions are accredited by government authorities in their respective countries of origin, although some are self-regulating within national systems that permit self-regulating higher education institutions to be established.

Some of the associated Universities and institutions maintain a traditional campus. Others operate solely via distance learning and on line traning. Some offer blended learning, mixing campus and distance learning at locations internationally.

Basically, certificates from international institute of chartered project management are globally accredited and recognized as meeting international. quality standard for global professional programs certified in project management and commerce, industrial, Health, Engineering, Social / community Development, Agriculture, Environmental, consultancy, management and communication /information Technology, Spatial Analysis and integrated management .
The certification meets any local retirement and international standard.
Our graduate performed so well with the ethical standards in all works of life both in private and public, local and international organisations with remuneration relevance to global cash card as professional project manager.
All certificates issued to professional graduates of INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED PROJECT MANAGEMENT remain the property of the the institute.