Levels Of Professional Certification

professional certification

All certifications require the applicant to possess at least a diploma, National Certificate of Education, Higher National Diploma, or Bachelor degree, with requisite years of experience in the field.

Certified Project Manager

Certified Human Resources Analyst

These certifications are suitable for candidates who hold at least a Higher National Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in business, public administration, personnel management or human resource management, and who can demonstrate relevant experience in the field of certification.

Certified Project Engineer
This certification is suitable for holders of at least a Higher National Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in any field of Engineering and Applied Sciences, plus relevant experience.

Certified Project Health Analyst
This certification is suitable for Diploma or Bachelor’s degree holders in nursing and other biomedical areas, as well as in developmental and social work, plus relevant experience.

Certified Project Education Manager
Suitable for Diploma, National Certificate of Education, or Bachelor of Education holders.

Also available:

Certified Quality Manager

Certified Marketer

Certified Project Economist

Certified CyberCrime Specialist

Certified Anti Fraud Specialist

Certified Agricultural Project Manager

Certified Event and Media Manager

Certified management Consultancy Manager

Certified Corporate Governance and Public Analyst

Certified Information Technology Analyst

Certified Public Relations and Advertisement Manager

Certified Engineering Manager

Certified Management Consultant

Certified Project Consultant

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist

Certified Oil and Gas Project Manager

Certified Construction Manager

Certified International Information System Auditor

Certified Hospitality Manager

Certified Hotel Manager

Certified Project Cost Manager

Certified Insurance and Actuarial Manager

Certified Money and Banking Expert

Certified Sales Project Manager

Certified Personnel Manager

Certified Planning Engineer

Certified Student Personnel Director

Certified Sport Administrator

Certified Project Office Manager

Certified System Engineer

Certified Network Engineer

Certified Sales Engineer

Certified standard Test Engineer

Certified Spatial and Remote Sensing Analyst

Certified Project Fund and Money Manager

Certified Production Engineer

Certified Environmental Specialist

Certified Real Estate and Legal Director

Certified Land and Housing Planner

Certified Project Health Care Manager

Certified Project Management Analyst

Certified Project Corporate Administrator

Certified Project Communication and Technical Reports Expert

Certified Project Planning Analyst

Certified Professional Health Care Manager

Certified Project Nursing Assistant

Diploma in Nursing and practical Care.

Certified Pharmacy Marketing and Sales

Certified Project Health and Physician Assistant

Certified Project Mining Management and Technology Professional

Certified Professional Medical Assistant

Certified Holistic Medicine Profession