Membership of the Institute is available at several different levels for active practitioners, whether certified by the Institute or not. There will be an annual membership fee which is mandatory and must be paid annually by all members to be in good standing with the Institute and use its membership designations.

There are special arrangements for membership for candidates who are already Certified by the Institute or who have completed the Institute’s educational programs.

Affiliate member – intended for undergraduate and diploma or NCE holders. Admission is based on an entry-level examination.

Associate member – intended for HND or bachelor’s degree holders in all fields. The admittance will also be based on examinations and interview.

Full member – intended for professionals with a minimum of 5 post graduation years of working experience in the professional field.

Junior Fellows – who can demonstrate outstanding performance in their professional fields with ten years experience, or (for graduates) five years post qualification experience.

Fellow – a candidate may be elected to the fellow membership board based on contributions to the institute.